Weekly Update

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day. We had fun passing out valentines and making Love Monsters! This is a reminder that there isn’t any homework over break besides reading and filling in both reading logs. (six flags and class log) If you need a new log, the link can be found on my blog.

I did include in your child’s backpack today an optional winter break menu board of different activities. Our next day back is Monday, February 24th.

Here is a peek at our academics when we return:


Math: Place value- subtracting tens

Reading: Central Message with Kevin Henkes’ books

Phonics: variant vowel /or/(word lists will come home on 2/24)

Writing: Opinions

Grammar: Plural agreement between nouns and verbs

Social Studies: Teddy Roosevelt

Weekly Update

We had a great week! We started off with Electronic Day and we have been doing so well it looks like we will get to have Show and Tell next week. I will email when that will take place but we are very close to attaining our goal! We also had the PE show! Congratulations to our girls; Addy, Spring and Loryn! They represented us very well last night.

We will have a new student starting full-time with us starting on Monday. Domenic has been coming to our class for awhile (he is listed on the Valentine list 😊) and is ready for the big move! We are so proud of him. He is a great friend and role model to have in our class.

Next week we have Valentine’s day on Friday. Please send in your child’s Valentine box and valentines by Friday. If you do not have a box to send in a large gift bag with a handle also works very well. The Dollar Store has a great variety. We will do a few activities with our valentines so I’m excited for that on Friday. The next following week is February Break. School will be closed 2/17- 2/21.

Next week I am asking your child to bring in a small collection of items. For a complete list of ideas please see the attached letter to the homework. Collections are due on Monday. We will send them all back home on Thursday.

There is also a letter in your child’s backpack explaining the Second Step Skills for Learning program. There are lessons coming up that if you don’t want your child to participate in learning, you have to sign to opt out your child. Otherwise, you do not have to send the letter back signed.


Here is a peek at our learning next week.

Reading- Retelling, Problem/Solution, Central Message

Writing- Opinion writing (Our collections)

Math- 10 more 10 less,  Adding and Subtracting multiples of 10

Social Studies- Geography- Oceans and Continents (test next week)

Phonics- ir, er, ur

Grade 1 CPU letter

Five-Star Tiered Homework due 2-14-20 Grecko Edition

Weekly Update

I hope this finds everyone enjoying their weekend. The class earned “electronic day” and they can bring something electronic to school on Monday. We will take our recess time and morning time to enjoy our reward. To bring an electronic device that connects to the internet, a BYOD form needs to be filled out, signed and returned with the device. A copy went home on Friday, and one is attached here. We will have our other devices available in the classroom for students who do not have a device to bring to school. I reminded them, that an electronic does not have to be a tablet or phone. It can be an electronic game or something that runs on batteries. For example- Operation Game, Simon, V-tech toys, Robots. Please do not send a device that you are worried could get broken. We will take every precaution in the classroom but accidents happen to and from our classroom.


Here is a peek at our learning this week-


Reading- Point of View- Who is telling the story?

Writing- Opinion Writing

Math- Comparing numbers (< > =)

Grammar- Singular nouns & verbs

Plural nouns and verbs

Phonics- variant vowel pattern /ar/

Social Studies- Landforms test, Continents & Oceans


Mark your calendars-

Wed 2/5- Q3 4 ½ weeks end

Friday 2/7- Last Day to purchase Valentine Grams

Wed 2/12 – Q3 progress reports go home

2/17-2/21 – No School – February Break

Five-Star Tiered Homework due Feb 7,2020

Grecko class list 2019-20-valentine edition


Weekly Update

I hope everyone had a great day off this past Monday. We had a great week discussing all the important “big words” from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is a peek at this week.


Reading- Reading Strategies

Writing- Opinions

Math- Word Problems

Phonics- y as the long sound of e or i

Social Studies- Landforms


Reminder- Field trip to North Cobb High School is this Friday. We have almost all of our permission slips sent back! Please try to find and fill those out over the weekend.


Our class lost a student and gained a student in the same day. Aiden has moved to a new school but we welcomed Matthew this week. We are holding with 19 students in our class. Next week I will send home a Valentine Class list. I will also include our part-time students and teacher’s names too.


I will also update our classroom directory. A lot of friends have been asking each other to have playdates!


We only had about 6 people complete our weekly homework. The homework is not lengthy and can easily be completed by reading and practicing our words of the week (sight, spell or phonic). If you haven’t thought about the homework lately, please reconsider it. Remember that I always give it to you over the weekend so you can have that option too.


Thank you for your continued support. I can’t believe we are already at the end of the month!

Mrs. Grecko


Classroom needs- TISSUES!  Sandwich sized Ziploc bags

Five-Star Tiered Homework due 1-31-20-Grecko Edition

Weekly Update

I am so sorry that this email is late. Time got away from me on Friday and I truly apologize. Thank you in advance for being so understanding.


  1. Thank you so much to everyone who turned in their report card envelope and registration form. We need all of them back. If you are not attending KES next year, you can write that at the top and return it. We need all envelopes and registration forms back SIGNED. 😊
  2. 100th day and Pajama bottoms. Friday is the 100th day. A request for a particular 100th day snack went home, as well as, the reminder to wear pajama bottoms and bring in 100 items in the bag. Fun!



This week’s focus:


Math- Missing addends, missing operation signs, balancing equations with missing numbers

Reading- Central Message

Writing- Opinion

Phonics- Long e- ee and ea Unit 17

Social Studies- Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea


We have super specials and the 100th day on Friday.

Homework is attached and will be uploaded to the blog.


Mark your calendars:

Monday, Jan 20th– No School

Friday, Jan. 31st– Field trip to NCHS (no chaperones ☹ due to event space limitations) Permission slip and $2.00 will go home this week.

Five-Star Tiered Homework due 1-17-20Grecko Edition


Weekly Update

The countdown is on! Only one more week until Winter Break. We had a lot of fun this week with our Holiday Musical on Wednesday, Holiday Market on Thursday and Holiday Classroom Centers today! I would like to thank everyone who came to North Star Church to see us perform. It means a lot to the kids to have the experience of performing! I was so proud of them!


We have confirmed Strep and Flu in our classroom. There are also many cases in other classrooms too. Please try to get lots of sleep and wash your hands often. Just to keep up with the germs, we deep cleaned our room today.


Next week we will have some changes and I will list them below:


  1. NO homework!!! There will not be any homework for the next three weeks. There will be a reading log, and that will go home on Monday. Baggy books went home today and many of our students have leveled up so enjoy some new titles. 😊
  2. Holiday Class Party- 1-2pm Tuesday 12/17 Everyone is invited. Please see the flyer that went home printed today. An email also went home this week too. Please sign up to help today!
  3. Thursday and Friday- Early Dismissal- 12:30 We will have theme and center type activity fun. Thursday- Gingerbread Day

Friday- Polar Express Day (wear your jammies!)

4. We will be assessing for most of the week so it is important that if your child is feeling well, they                     should come to school.


Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Mrs. Grecko

Holiday Reading Log- Grecko Edition Elf Reading Letter- Sparkle

Weekly Update

Hi Everyone!

I really enjoyed seeing everyone this week! It was great to be back. We have two weeks and then it will be winter break! Wow

Today we celebrated Ms. Dunn’s birthday. Thank you so much to everyone who participated! She was very surprised and appreciative.


Here is a peek at next week-

Monday- Green holiday musical shirts will be sent home to be worn on Tuesday.

Tuesday- Dress rehearsal and holiday performance for the school.

(Please wear your green holiday musical shirt to school)

Wednesday- Holiday Performance @ North Star Church. Please be at the church by 6pm and wear your green holiday musical shirt.

Thursday- Holiday Market @ School- please send in your market wish lists (catalog sent home this past Thursday) and money for purchases.

Friday- Winter/Holiday classroom rotations, Homework & Baggy Books are due


Academic focus-

Math- Word Problems with unknowns

Reading- Author’s Purpose

Writing- Informational Books

Science- Sound


NEED! More paper towel rolls, empty oatmeal or similar round cans (pringles), Empty tissue boxes (we are planning to make recycled musical instruments!)


Donations for the class- Full boxes of tissues, bandaids, extra snacks THANK YOU!


Mark your calendar-

12/17 1-2pm Holiday Party! Keep an eye out for an email from the Room Moms!


I hope you have a great weekend! Mrs. Grecko

Five-Star Tiered Homework due 12-13-19- Grecko Edition

Weekly Update

This week was amazing! Thank you so much from coming to the First Grade Thanksgiving feast day and to STEM night! I was so happy to see so many people! I hope you will be blessed this break and will get to spend some time with your family and friends. No HW except to read! Phonic words are available on the blog. Mrs. Grecko


December is busy month so here is a peek at what’s coming up.

Our academic focus:

Math- Finish balancing equations, review place value

Reading- Identifying the main idea and key details

Writing- Informational

Phonics- Unit 14- digraphs th and wh

Social Studies: Thomas Jefferson

  • December calendar reminders and revisions:

KES Holiday Market 12/9 – 12/12

12/11- 1st grade musical at NorthStar Church 6:30PM (arrive by 6)

12/13- PTA Parent’s Night Out at KES 6PM-9PM

12/14- Christmas at Piedmont Church-  Chorus & Grasshoppers performing at 12:30 and 2:00

12/17- Our Class Holiday Celebration- 1-2pm

12/19   Early Release- 12:30

12/20   Early Release- 12:30